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Ann & Phelim Scoop podcast interview of Marc & Veronica here:

An endorsement from Fr. David Carter, Pastor and Rector of Sts. Peter & Paul Basilica

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Marc and Veronica have worked on several projects for Tennessee Right to Life.  We have been extremely pleased not only with the quality of their work but with their willingness to use their time and talent for the cause of LIFE.  I’m excited to support He Named Him Adam and am looking forward to seeing all that God has planned for this project.  I know it will be powerful.

       - Stacy Dunn, Director, Tennessee Right to Life


An endorsement from Candy Clepper, President, Greater Chattanooga Right to Life.


A Place of healing and closure for families

to give dignity to their children.

A Witness to the nation for the value

of life and the grief of abortion.

An endorsement from Stephanie Darnell, board member, National Memorial for the Unborn.

An endorsement from Amber Snipes, Director, Seneca Choices for Life.

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 Issues4Life and

Walter Hoye II, Director, endorses

He Named Him Adam.

Our mission is to end abortion by raising awareness of the impact of abortion and the biblically immoral implementation of unethical biotechnology in Black America.

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National Black Pro Life Coalition endorses

He Named Him Adam.

The National Black Pro-Life Coalition is a bold network of Pro-Life and Pro-Family organizations that embrace the biblical model. All together, we are committed to restoring a culture, that celebrates our Lord Jesus Christ, Life and Family cultivating Hope and Prosperity in the Black community.




Seneca is a Women’s Center offering Hope, Help and Healing to women before, during, and after pregnancy.

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From Lamb to Lion Ministries is a small group of post-abortive women in North Georgia who seek to help other post-abortive women to find healing and fellowship and to engage in community outreach about who the post-abortive woman is.

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There is healing after abortion. 

We are here for you. You are not alone.

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