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He Named Him Adam

A feature film based upon the inspiring, true life story of Regina Block


After an abortion, Regina suffered from crippling depression for nine years ending her marriage, derailing her career ambitions and leading her to the brink of suicide. Her life was saved by a stunning revelation by her four-year-old daughter, Amanda.  Amanda (who never knew her mother had had an abortion) was having a series of recurring dreams about meeting an eight-year-old brother in heaven. These dreams had a powerful impact on Regina, inspiring her to seek out spiritually-based, post-abortive counseling and volunteer at a pregnancy resource center. Eventually, she became the Director of the National Memorial of the Unborn – a memorial to children lost to abortion and miscarriage in Chattanooga built on the site of a former Planned Parenthood.

Total Donations: 6/18/24 ---PayPal:  $805 --- Direct by check: $37,875 ---- Credit cards:$10,978--- Venmo: $1260 --- TOTAL: $50,918

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We shot 12 scenes for our trailer the week of June 3, 2024.  Here’s a sneak peak.  

Regina's been having health problems.  Dr. Cunningham wants to do a biopsy but can't because Regina's pregnant.

Regina's law school is next to the abortion clinic and her grades suffer as she deals with her post-abortion depression.

Four years later, Regina again suffers from severe cramping.  She visits Dr. Cunningham and discovers a big surprise.  

Four years later:  Amanda for the first time reveals she's been having dreams about her brother in heaven.

Regina confesses to best friend Raynell that she had an abortion eight years ago.


John Solomon & Amanda Head interview of Marc & Veronica on their national TV news show, No Noise.

The interview starts at 30:50.

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Ann & Phelim Scoop podcast interview of Marc & Veronica here:

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Cheryl Chumley, Online Opinion Editor, interviews Marc & Veronica for the Washington Times.

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Update on our trip to DC for the March for Life

GiveSendGo podcast interview here:

Indie Thinker podcast interview here:

Jim Wogan podcast interview here:

A newspaper article

We need your help to tell this important story

We’re Crunch Entertainment, an independent film production company. ​Our goal is to make powerful, highly entertaining films that present an alternative view to Hollywood’s.

Our last project, FATHER RYAN: A HIGHER CALL, was an inspirational docu-drama that garnered festival award nominations and recently premiered to an estimated audience of 13 million on the Eternal World Television Network (EWTN) and will soon be available for streaming on the FORMED Network.

Millions of women who’ve had abortions wonder about their lost babies, or even come to regret their abortions. Sometimes decades later.  Until we can convince these women that there’s a path to peace and reconciliation through God, they will continue to uphold and defend their actions, voting for abortion. Regina found that path, and telling her story can inspire others to follow in her footsteps. This is why we’re making this film.  

If you want to help us change hearts and minds, please donate. Any donation of $5 or more is welcome.  

We also offer a variety of DONATION PERKS...  

Perks like crew T-shirts, a signed copy of the final movie poster, an autographed copy of the shooting script, or even (for our most generous sponsor) a walk-on part in the film. To take advantage of these perks, please contact us at  or click here: DONATION PERKS.

Even a donation as little as $10 will help because it will demonstrate to the public that there is a large market hungry for this kind of content. Please, click on the DONATE button. Help us make a difference.

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What we're trying to accomplish

Our goal is to make powerful, highly entertaining films that present an alternative view to Hollywood’s relentless attack on traditional values. 

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